Do you have a product management superpower?

  • 8 March 2023
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Do you have a product management superpower?
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Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Knowing them can help you make better choices, focus your efforts, and help you get to better outcomes.

For this week’s discussion, we want to know what is your product management superpower and why would others you work with call out that one in particular? Is it your keen ability to apply product sense? Or is it your fantastic people skills and empathy?

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2 replies

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Everyone’s favorite interview question that you also dread because you know the next question is, “Now tell me why you suck.” 😁

Most product teams I’ve worked with were awesome at so many things at the same time that “superpower” kinda defined everything they did. But individual stand-out “superpowers” (the stuff that’s really hard to train or hire for) was the secret sauce that defined their competitive edge.

I always try to find a place where I can bring my part of that mix. The rest of the time I’m just trying to shadow other people in their element to learn how they do their magic.

I most often break away from the day-to-day to bring two big things to the org …

  • Surveying the next 18+ months and identifying the most attractive strategic opportunities
  • Writing up the narrative and positioning behind that to get the org excited to chase it

Basically: Strategic insight and evangelism.

My related superpower is crunching the numbers (often in the coal mine of spreadsheets) to forecast what that opportunity might look like for the business. This skill is also a curse because I end up prototyping models and forecasting frameworks in an environment that really sucks at it. My eyeballs are paying the price for those projects as I age.

What about you @scott.baldwin?

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Funny, I didn’t know this was an interview question people sometimes get. TIL something, thanks @plainclothes 

When I was working in product I think my superpower was synthesis and pattern finding and a keen ability to say no, even when in the headwinds. But today, in this role bridging community and product, it’s definitely my ability to network that’s become a strength.