Designing your product vision & strategy

  • 11 February 2022
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Hello! 👋

I'm at the very early stages of developing a framework that product leaders can use to improve how they develop, align, research / iterate, and communicate their company's Product (portfolio) Vision & Strategy. I know, myself, and have heard from others, that this can be a painful process.

I'm doing some research to learn about other product leaders’ current process / tools, goals, and challenges. I’m hoping to speak with 5 folks (45-min interviews) that fit the following criteria:

  • Role / level: VP / SVP of Product Management, VP / SVP of Product Design, CPO
  • Product maturity: Product is viewed as core to business
  • Company size: 1,000+ employees
  • In-house (no consultancies or agencies for this round)

As a way of saying thank you, once I create the framework I'll share all of the resources, tools, and guides with you so that you / your team can put them to use.


Are you interested? Schedule your interview with me here

🙌 🙏

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