Cross-training your product team

  • 4 August 2022
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The folks at Raw Signal Group always have an interesting newsletter and this past week’s edition took a look at the value of cross-training people to open up new career development and advancement opportunities and how this can act as a solution to boredom-slash-stagnation-related turnover.

To quote the article:

The data on this is clear. Cross-training correlates with a variety of happy outcomes, for organizations and employees. Employees feel more engaged and invested in their work, they stick around longer and they grow with their organization. That growth, in turn, leads to all the things you hope it would. Fewer incidents, more resilience. Proactive identification of problems. More burst capacity.


Given the evolving tech marketplace, people changing jobs (through their choice or not), and the all the talk about efficiency, now seems like the time to invest here.

Do you cross-train your product managers to create development and advancement opportunities?

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