AMA: How to sharpen your product management skill sets

  • 7 February 2022
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AMA: How to sharpen your product management skill sets
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If you’re a current or aspiring product leader, register for Productboard’s February 23rd AMA to uncover tips for improving your product IQ, strategies for advancing your career, and tactics for applying new skills. 

In this interactive AMA session, you can get your questions answered live by these highly experienced product leaders:

:boom: Misha Abasov

Misha is an operationally-minded business leader and entrepreneur with a passion for building great products and orchestrating delightful customer experiences. In 2016, Misha co-founded Hazel, an award-winning platform for companies to develop and enable their people managers, where he led Product and Customer Success. In 2019, Hazel was acquired by Rise, an all-in-one People Platform. Misha is currently the VP of Product at Rise.

:boom: Petra Wille

Petra is an independent product leadership coach and author of STRONG Product People who’s been helping product teams boost their skill sets and up their game since 2013. Alongside her freelance work, Petra co-organizes and curates Mind the Product Engage Hamburg, Germany.

:boom: Aron Tremble

Aron has a passion for building companies, teams and products with technology. Aron currently serves as the VP of Product at Thinkific, and his background includes product and marketing leadership for software, SaaS and eCommerce, from Fortune 50 scale to startup constraints.

In the age of digital transformation, product people must learn how to build products smarter and faster to stay ahead of the competition. So even if you can’t attend the live webinar, we encourage you to register to access the recording.


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