Tactics for communication and collaboration in distributed teams

  • 9 October 2021
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Many of us are still or will continue working remotely—which means we have to refine our tactics for communicating and collaborating with distributed team. Here’s a good article on five best practices to begin exploring with your team. Some good examples throughout the article as well. 

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Thankfully, we have a few of these best practices implemented here. We do lean on asynchronous communication through Slack (although, I believe we’re likely to be shifting over to Microsoft Teams due to recent focus on consolidating some of our tools). We do need to sit down and write up a document to outline how best to communicate; thankfully, the only timezones we’re in are all in the US. I understand larger teams with a myriad of timezones would definitely have to have a “this team is good to communicate between X and Y” to avoid accidental late night/beyond business hour pings/calls.

Empathy is key in any communication, even more so when it’s text-based. It’s harder to get a good “read” on a person when it’s just text. Clarifying and outlining intentions are both great ways to ensure that you’re not coming off the wrong way. Or, at the least, be willing to compromise and better understand how your message(s) came across (even communication is an iterative process!).