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  • 30 June 2021
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One of the most unique aspects of working remote is finding creative solutions for collaboration. From assigning whiteboarding and pairing to keeping track of tasks to communication -- remote collaboration has gone through a major boon with the increase of remote workforces. So what are some of your favorites? I’ll go first!

  • Click-Up (Task Management) - As someone that’s balancing responsibilities for product, onboarding, customer success, executives, marketing, and more (as we all know) - Click-Up helps me organize my tasks. I set due dates, give descriptions, use their documents function for notes, and have checklists setup for specific reoccurring events (e.g., delivery, hand-offs, and quarterly needs).
  • Mural (Design/ Collaboration) - Great for whiteboarding and design collaboration. There’s a lot more features within Mural than that, but that’s what we’re generally using it for at the moment. We also use it for prioritizing ideas and concepts before bringing it into Productboard.
  • Tuple (Development Collaboration) - Not something all product managers will get down with, but Tuple is a MacOS application that allows developers to pair with one another remotely. It’s pretty handy when making suggestions “under the hood” and seeing what works/doesn’t work.
  • Productboard (Roadmapping/Request Portal/Prioritization) - Considering this community, I don’t think Productboard needs any introduction. :laughing:


3 replies

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As we begin to adopt Figma, the FigJam product looks interesting as a white boarding tool. I haven’t really had a chance to try it, but it seems like it has some good use cases.


We use Discord for all high bandwidth conversations and Twist to keep track of important decisions and how they were made. There are other tools too but these are two of my favorite.


So we use:

Slack (Async and sync conversations)

Jira (delivery tool)

Sketch (design/mockups)

Lokalize (localization translation/review)

ProductBoard (obviously haha)

I’m curious… Mural looks interesting. Why do you use that over say, Miro or Lucid? How are you using it?