What's the best book that helped you be a better PM that most of us won't have heard of?

  • 7 January 2022
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Looking to build out my reading list for 2022. Thanks for any recs!

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A couple I’ll suggest:

  • ​​​Will Larson’s book An Elegant Puzzle as it gave me an appreciation for growth challenges that come in high-growth environments and the tricky balance of choices that the other part of the triad has to make. We often get so wrapped up as PMs thinking just about our side of the house and this was refreshing.
  • Frank J Barrett’s book Yes to the Mess: Surprising Leadership Lessons from Jazz is an older title, but I liked the analogy between coping with the constant change and complexity of work and the nature of jazz improve. Loved how it called out the importance of unlearning, experimentation, leaving room for others (taking turns soloing), and supporting one another as a group.