If you only listen to one product podcast this month, make this it...

  • 29 July 2021
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I found this interview podcast to be highly illuminating and I bet you’ll find something of value too.

Amplitude’s John Cutler interviews Shreyas Doshi (product & product leadership at Stripe, Google, Twitter, Yahoo): https://amplitude.com/blog/shreyas-doshi-product-lessons

A few topics covered:

  • The most overlooked soft skill in PM
  • Transitioning from IC to manager
  • The role of the product leader
  • The foundations for a high-functioning team
  • Helpful mental models, cognitive biases, and common pitfalls
  • A simple framework for prioritizing work for your team, and yourself

Listen to the whole interview or skip to portions of the transcript and see related Twitter threads from \@shreyas.

Enjoy! (And report back on your favorite takeaway...)

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