Emoji’s in product communication

  • 14 September 2022
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Adobe released its 2022 emoji report today. 😂 took first place followed by 👍❤️🤣 and 😢 Apparently 🤠is the most misunderstood and many don’t see themselves reflected in emoji. 

How do emojis show up in your work as product makers? Are they part of your communication toolkit? An embedded part of your culture? And do they help you more effectively communicate?

7 replies

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I started using emojis in my product comms when I noticed how well they worked to draw engagement in Slack 💬 This was probably around 2014 👴

👉 Like any graphic device they guide people through your text 📖

👀 Now I even use these little gems in the subject line and body of internal emails  📨 when I need an audience to pay attention.

🥇 Bonus points for using an animated gif to get readers all the way to the bottom of a message that runs a little long.


Reading makes us smarter


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Now if I can just get our vendor to add them to their platform, we can all use them to reply/respond.

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😂  - I was told by my Gen Z sister and her friends that this is for old people only. This is my frequently used emoji 

How I use emojis with my team in slack, and we always end up using the same ones so it became our universal language:
👀  - I read it / I am aware
🙏 - Thank you 
✅ - Done/ I finished the ask or task it was depended on me
👍 - sounds good 
🌴/🔴/🕕 /🍔- These are also super helpful to inform your peers you are away for lunch or vacations 
{custom emojis} - we also have super fun ones we turned into memes, either of someone’s face or other small delightful funny ones to just make the virtual collaboration feel closer together.

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Great ones @hannahzhang. Love standard responses as they speed up understanding. Plus you can also use those to trigger workflows and other actions in Slack. BTW, I think you’re ok with 😂—I’ve heard that 👍❤️👌✔️💩😭🙈👏💋😬are the old people ones.

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I’m notorious for using a series of emojis that I’ve created for our Slack. The most prominent one is the “thinking” emoji (blown up below): 

David Thinking Emoji

When this guy gets used, everyone from the rest of leadership to our designers/developers start to think “Oh no, David has a crazy idea incoming.”  

Aside from that, I’m pretty heavy on the emoji train in notes -- mostly aligned to @plainclothes and @hannahzhang. It’s useful to use in Titles/Subjects to grab someone’s attention - but excessive use implies that they’ll become fairly immune to it (unless there are specific processes around their use). Our development team will frequently use emojis to state if they’re picking up a ticket, doing a PR, or if they’ve submitted code.

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Nice work @david.morgan — looks like you levelled up the emoji game a bunch!

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Nice work @david.morgan — looks like you levelled up the emoji game a bunch!

I try! 🤠 

It helps that I’ve been into streaming and drawing for a while now (just haven’t had the luxury of time!). 

Emojis are pretty expressive and can really draw attention to email and communication, as a whole. But like I said, excessive use tends to put people off - so I try to avoid it unless it’s required (as for my own emoji, it’s easier to send the thinking emoji over “Hmm… let me think about it..”).