A few Tuesday listen and reads

  • 11 January 2022
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A roundup of a few interesting product-related reads that caught my eye recently: 

  • @winston wrote a killer blog post on how to product manage yourself and drive better outcomes. I instantly felt 10x more productive after reading it, recognize that I need to get better at setting aside uninterrupted time (I seldom have time first thing in the morning given meetings across time zones) and love the idea of limiting the amount of work in progress (I actually still use a Kanban style board to manage my tasks and WIP).
  • I read this great piece on Spotify’s DIBB framework — a way to get alignment across an organization around a consistent decision-making approach. Much like Winston’s post above, the value of being clear on the strategic context and goals, and focussing on the right bets remains a product managers superpower.
  • The music writer Ted Gioia had an interesting article on mentorship titled You Don’t Need a Mentor—Find a Nemesis Instead (Ted’s Substack is a must read if you don’t already subscribe you can read most of his free content). While not product specific, I like the idea of the value of a nemesis and how they can teach you things, push buttons often not pushed, and how they can sometimes extract the best.
  • The latest podcast episode from our Productboard Engineering Leadership podcast with our own Joshua Samberg is a pure joyful listen about Joshua’s growth as an Engineering leader here at Productboard. It shares practical examples and stories that can apply to any role, but most of all, provides a fascinating look at how we grow and the importance of being vulnerable, approaching work with an open mind, and self-reflection.

Happy reading and listening!

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Wow, thanks for the shoutout Scott! The blog linked above is an attempt to distill everything I learned about personal productivity over the past decade, spotlighting a ton of great ideas anyone can go read up on further.

I hope folks will let me know what I missed!