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  • 3 March 2022
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Hello product makers👋,


We just released “view history” to GA. This new roadmap embellishment displays who’s visited your roadmap and how often. Below are all the juicy details.

🚨 What’s new?

  • Now, on every roadmap, you’ll see avatars of the people who last visited your roadmap.
  • When you click on the avatars in the top-right header, a modal will open up and you can:
    • see which users are online,
    • see which users last visited your roadmap,
    • how many views it's had,
    • who’s viewing it the most.
  • The feature is available on all pricing plans.

💪 Why is it valuable?

  • This functionality helps makers understand if their team / key stakeholders have seen their roadmaps – and are aligned on the plan.
  • Makers can also see who their most engaged visitors are (exciting if you spot the CEO amongst your top visitors) and how many views their roadmaps have received.
  • And finally, there’s even responsive messaging to either praise a high view count or encourage you to rally your team around your roadmap if needed.

Here is our Help Centre article.





1 reply

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awesome! nice job @Eva Novotna