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  • 4 November 2021
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Hi :raised_hand: We have released the Timeframe column for the features board that will allow you to plan features against time more effectively.


💫 What’s new?

  • New column available in Misc section on Features board: Timeframe
  • Assign high-level or specific time directly from the column
  • Filter features by Timeframe start-end dates
  • Sort feature by Timeframe start-end dates


📅 Why is this important?

The timeframe column will allow you to plan features much faster and enable new use cases like:

  • Show me what have we released in the last Quarter or Month?
  • Show me what's already been planned for the next Quarter or Month?
  • Show me which features haven't been planned yet?


➡️ What's next?

We're working on a follow-up capability: Assign time to multiple features at once.



How to: Use the Timeframe column to plan your features against time




1 reply



First off, I love the ability to set high level dates vs specific dates, and it’s one of the first features that drew my team to Productboard.


However, we’re trying to find a way to set both a high level and a specific date for a feature -- for example, we always know when we kick of a project off (i.e. the start date is specific), but we don’t always know exactly when the project will wrap up (i.e. the end date is high level). Is there a way to set one part of the timeframe as specific, and the other part as high level?


For example, I could see this happening with our timeframe:

  • Project is in scoping: no timeframe
  • Project is kicked off: 8/19/22 → not set
  • Project timeframe is loosely confirmed with engineering: 8/19/22 → Q4 2022
  • Project timeframe is precisely confirmed with engineering: 8/19/22 → 11/7/22