Templates for Descriptions

  • 28 April 2022
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🚀We’ve just released Templates for Descriptions. This allows you to create, edit and delete templates. These templates are available for any entity that has a description, including features, notes, products, releases and objectives. This is available on all plans.

🚨What’s new?

  • When you open the editor, you can click template icon located alongside other options like making text bold. If you click the icon then you will open a modal that lets you create a templates.
  • Once you have created a template you can click the icon again in order to select, edit or delete a template.

💪Why is it important?

  • You will increase productivity across your organisation by not repeating the same tasks.
  • You can have consistent ways of working across teams by standardising descriptions.

📈 What’s next?

  • We want to hear your feedback on this feature so we can decide what to improve. We're thinking about including default templates, better permissions for templates and much more.

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1 reply

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Some good built-in default templates would be great — codify some common best practices, that sort of thing.