Suggested Notes for Features

  • 7 April 2022
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Hello Product Makers! :wave:
We’ve just released Suggested Notes for Features on the Scale and Enterprise plans!

:new: What is new?

  • When you visit the insights tab on a feature, we may display suggested notes under the linked insights.
  • These notes are predicted to be relevant to the given feature based on text-analysis of their content.
  • Suggested notes can be both processed and unprocessed notes.
  • We only display recommended notes that don’t have insights already linked from them to the currently viewed feature.
  • Not all features will include suggestions. We can only provide note recommendations for features that have at least one insight linked.
  • The more insights are linked to a feature, the more likely we can provide relevant suggestions.

 :muscle: Why is it valuable?

  • You can now easily discover unlinked relevant feedback for your most important features.
  • This can help make discovery efforts more efficient - instead of manually searching for additional notes based on keywords, you can access relevant feedback right from the feature.
  • Note suggestions can also help by surfacing potentially missed notes that may carry relevant information for the given feature.

:books: Learn more
Learn more in our article on how to link feedback to features.



4 replies

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Hey Gabor. Great to see more predictive capabilities being baked into the product. One initial piece of feedback: we have a very “hierarchy-heavy” submission/triage process so essentially all notes that come in are linked to insights immediately -- typically at the product/component level before a PM gets their hands on it. We also have a high volume of notes with multiple pieces of feedback that may be linked to several unrelated features. For both of those reasons, would be great to also serve up notes with insights already linked as suggestions as well. 


@matt.johlie I’ll pass the feedback onto the team.

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This is a great step in the right direction, congrats Gabor!  My feedback would be it would be nice if I could “Confirm” or “Deny” that it’s a related piece of feedback. It would reduce feature linking time and give us the ability to add a User Impact Score. 

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@cj.avande I’ll pass the feedback along to our team. Currently the linked insights and suggested insights are separated. As a workaround, within the insights tab on the feature, you can select the link to the note, which will take you to the insights board, and link the insight to a different entity rather than the suggested item.