Smart topic detection: Automatically identified patterns in your collected feedback

  • 7 November 2022
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Hey all 👋

We are pleased to announce that we have just released smart topic detection to general availability on Productboard’s Enterprise plan.

Smart topic detection is our newest intelligent functionality that saves you lots of time processing feedback while helping surface valuable new opportunities you might otherwise have missed by leveraging the power of machine learning to automatically recognize patterns in large volumes of feedback.

With topics you can now:

  • Easily identify trends with new and emerging topics across your feedback

  • Perform deeper analysis by filtering to see the feedback related to one or more automatically detected topics

  • Improve Productboard’s ability to auto-categorize your feedback by customizing each topic’s keywords to match the language used by your colleagues and customers

  • Accelerate your feedback triaging process with Insights automations based on automatically detected topics

Learn more: Smart topic detection support article. Thank you all again for your feedback and for helping us make this feature a reality! 🚀

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