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  • 26 October 2022
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🚀 Roadmap sharing & embedding improvements are now available in Labs. This allows you to embed any roadmap and share any roadmap with a link.

🚨 What’s new?

  • You can now share any type of roadmap with a link or embed it using an iframe
  • You can now visualise and open more entities such as sub-features
  • You no longer need to republish changes to the shared roadmaps

💪Why is it important?

  • Sharing and embedding roadmaps allows you to align with more stakeholders while doing less work.
  • Stakeholders can now easily self-serve roadmaps and do it wherever thy spend their time, such as in their company wiki.
  • The simpler view on the shared link will help you align with stakeholders outside of EPD like customers, customer facing teams and leadership

🥴 Limitations

  • We are currently working on all these limitations:
    • In some cases, the shared roadmap can lag behind the internal one by up to one hour.
    • You cannot add a password to the roadmap.
    • You cannot visualise some attributes such as dependencies, effort, owner, user impact score, or tags on the shared roadmaps.

📈 What’s next?

  • We are working on getting this functionality:
    • Improving syncing between the internal and shared roadmap so most things are updated in real-time.
    • Introduce the ability to visualise any attribute such as dependencies, owner or team. This means internal and external roadmaps will look exactly the same.
    • Introduce passwords for roadmaps, on the enterprise pricing plan only

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