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  • 14 December 2022
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Interested in trying out Productboard's Salesforce integration?

You can now integrate Productboard with one or more Salesforce sandbox instances.

Salesforce sandboxes are test environments separate from your production Salesforce environment. They can be used for development, testing, and training, without any risk of modifying the data and applications the rest of your organization relies on in your production instance.

By connecting Productboard with your Salesforce sandbox, you can try out all of Productboard's Salesforce integration capabilities:

  • Import accounts as customer records in Productboard to make it easier for colleagues to attribute feedback to the right customers and reduce redundant customer records.
  • Import account attributes/data fields like ARR, number of paid seats, CS health score, # of employees, or other information that can be useful for defining segments in Productboard and understanding each segments' unique needs, computing the dollar value of each feature idea based on which prospects/customers have requested it, or simply referencing helpful account data directly in Productboard without having to navigate across to Salesforce.
  • Import product feedback added to Salesforce opportunities (e.g. win/loss reasons, dealbreakers etc.) for analysis on your Insights board.

To get started integrating with your Salesforce sandbox, admins can refer to Productboard's integration settings page.

Learn more: https://support.productboard.com/hc/en-us/articles/1500007953881-Set-up-your-Salesforce-integration


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Thank you for this 🙌

Any meaningful Sf connection can be a terrifying prospect. I’ve seen chain reactions that end up irritating huge blocks of customers and costing orgs big bags of money when Sf was not connected cautiously. 

I’m pitching a new company on implementing Pb and a Sf integration will be a must. Knowing this is in place is a huge relief 😅