See who has visited your timeline roadmap (Labs)

  • 15 September 2021
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🚀 We’ve just released “Display who has visited your timeline roadmap” to Labs.


🚨  What’s new?
  • In Labs, makers with admin access can enable this functionality for the entire workspace.
  • On the timeline roadmap, click on the Viewed button on the top right header. A modal will open and you can:
    • see which users are actively looking at the roadmap
    • find out which users have last seen the timeline roadmap
  • :warning: NOTE: Available only on the timeline roadmap and not available for column-based roadmaps
💪 Why is it important?
  • Roadmap creators use timeline roadmaps to communicate their plan to different audiences.
  • This functionality will help you understand if their team / key stakeholders have seen their timeline roadmaps and aligned on my plan.


📈 What’s next?

  • We want to hear your feedback to know how we can evolve this feature.



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3 replies


Great feature, very excited to try it with my team!

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Very interesting little feature.
Would like to implement this to see just how many of those within our organizations are actually looking at the roadmaps. :yum:

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Great Feature and the team are loving it