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  • 14 December 2022
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Hi folks,

I am super excited to announce that Roadmap sharing & embedding improvements are now available! These improvements allow our customers to embed and share any roadmap with a link.

🆕 What’s new?

  • Makers can share any type of roadmap or embed it using an iframe
  • Makers no longer need to republish changes to the shared roadmaps

💪 Why is this important?

  • Sharing and embedding roadmaps allows makers to align with more stakeholders while doing less work.
  • Stakeholders can now easily self-serve and access roadmaps wherever they spend their time, such as in their company wiki.
  • The simpler view on the shared link will help makers align with stakeholders outside of EPD like customers, customer-facing teams, and leadership

🔴 Limitations

  • The current limitations of the product include:
    • Changes made to an internal roadmap may take up to 15 minutes - based on beta feedback we feel this is reasonable and will monitor for feedback.
    • You can't protect the roadmaps you share with a password.
    • Card Visualizations: For now, it is not possible to visualize card attributes on the consumer roadmap, such as tags, objective importance, Team, Effort and User Impact Score.

⏭ What’s next?

  • We want to add the ability to add passwords and are currently targeting mid-January.

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