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  • 14 September 2021
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🚀 We’ve just released Roadmap Comments to Labs. This allows you to create and view comments on any roadmap.


🚨 What’s new?

  • At the top of every roadmap you can see a new icon for comments. If you click on this icon it will open a side-bar on the right hand side of your screen.
  • In the comments side-bar you can create a new comment by typing into the text box at the top of the side-bar
  • When someone leaves you a comment, you will see a red dot on the comments icon. This means that you have a new comment.


💪Why is it important?

  • You will be able to align and collaborate more easily with anyone in your organisation as all makers, contributors and viewers will be able to create and view comments. 


📈 What’s next?

  • We want to hear your feedback on this feature so we can decide what to improve before we release this to general availability. We're thinking about notifications for comments, pinning comments and much more


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4 replies

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Great feature as our team often struggles to collaborate within Productboard itself and resorts to 1-page Google Docs that we link from PB. After playing with it just briefly, I think that people may be hesitant to adopt knowing that there is no edit/delete button for their comment. That sense of permanency for such a high-visible item like a roadmap is challenging. If there was a way to resolve comments like GDocs or for the user to edit/delete comments that would be ideal. 


Thank you! 

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+1 from above on ability to edit/delete. I see you can @ people but I don’t think the person @’d gets an individual notification, you only see a notification dot on the comment icon. Targeted notifications would be great -- we have roadmaps that expose features for 60+ PMs and get accessed by hundreds of internal stakeholders. Would be great if PMs could get notified directly when someone @’s them with a question or comment. In-app notification would be fine; email notification even better.

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+1 to Matt! Was just coming back to also request email notifications be sent to the person tagged. Without the notification email, our team’s comments will remain unread. 

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Thanks for the early feedback @matt.johlie and @cj.avande -- shared with our team!