Product Analytics Integrations with Amplitude and Mixpanel

  • 17 February 2022
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Productboard is taking customer-centricity to the next level. 

With our new Amplitude and Mixpanel integrations, you can now marry qualitative and quantitative data in a single place to better serve customers. 

With both integrations, you will be able to: 

  • Aggregate customer and product data from multiple sources in a single place to get a richer view into feature performance
  • Use cohorts built in Amplitude and Mixpanel to filter notes, features, and roadmaps, and create custom User Impact Scores
  • Better serve your target personas by studying qualitative feedback alongside behavioral product data

Check out this video to learn more: 

Installing the integration takes less than five minutes. You can find the details on our support articles for Amplitude and Mixpanel.

Learn more about our other data analytics and reporting tools and how Productboard can help you make products that matter.

1 reply


Reading through the MixPanel integration post and it seems that all I can do is sync the names of cohorts I have on MixPanel to Productboard. However, I still have to assign all my notes to each cohort to make this data useful. 

I would prefer to bring in data from MixPanel and see it in Productboard.