Performance improvements for the insights board


Hello! I'm super excited to announce that we've just rolled out a major improvement to how we load the insights board, resulting in much faster loading times - especially if there is a lot of data related to the insights board in your space.


:bulb: What is new?

Prior to these improvements, whenever you opened the insights board, we would load all the notes in your organisation before you could interact with the content. Now, we only load the notes you actually need, so you can spend less time staring at the loading screen, and more time doing the work that matters.


:muscle_tone1: Why is it important? 

Loading times for your insights board are now independent from the amount of notes you have. As your organisation keeps collecting more and more feedback, performance will scale with it!

The more notes you have the bigger benefit you can expect to see. Organisations with an extremely large amount of notes (>30k) can expect to see up to 50% decrease in average loading times; whereas spaces with thousands of notes can expect up to 11% faster loading times.


:wrench:What’s next?

We’ll keep working on further improvements around the loading time in the upcoming weeks.

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