Manual progress tracking on roadmaps

  • 11 April 2022
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Hi everyone,

I’m happy to announce that we’ve just released manual progress tracking to GA. This completes our previously released calculated progress tracking on all three entities.


🚨 What’s new?

  • In addition to calculated progress tracking on all three entities (objectives, releases, and features), makers can also choose the manual logic behind progress tracking
  • The calculated progress is set on the entities by default, but to accommodate flexibility in tracking the progress, makers can now opt-in for manual progress tracking in the sidebar of the feature, objective, or release

💪 Why is it valuable?

  • PMs can now choose the logic behind progress visualization - they can either use “calculated based on status” or they can opt-in for “manual”, to accommodate their various tracking needs (for example, to also track the entire lifecycle, not just delivery)
  • Makers can make the decision of which logic to use on an entity level, which means that on a roadmap, they can visualize both entities with calculated and manual progress

🔜 What’s next?

  • We’d love to hear any ideas around how to extend the calculation logic.


Here is our Help Centre article.



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1 reply


How exciting!! Congrats @Eva Novotna & the team 👏💙