Loom Integration for Roadmaps - Video Storytelling

  • 21 April 2022
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🚀We’ve just released a Loom integration for Roadmaps. This allows you to create and view videos in Productboard roadmaps. It is available on all plans.

🚨What’s new?

  • You can now click the video icon on any roadmap to start recording a walkthrough. Once it’s recorded any other user with access to that roadmap will be able to view your video. This helps you tell the product narrative to your stakeholders so that you can align and collaborate with them.

💪Why is it important?

  • Some makers currently struggle to add context to their roadmap in order to engage their audience.
  • Some maker are currently pasting images of their roadmaps into slides where they add additional context with text and images.
  • Adding more context to roadmaps will help non-product people, such as customer success manager’s, better understand roadmaps and the product narrative.

📈 What’s next?

  • We want to hear your feedback on this feature so we can decide what to improve. We're thinking about adding a loom integration to features, portal cards.

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