Lock views to prevent accidental changes and deletion

  • 21 September 2022
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We have just released the new View sharing menu with the option to Lock Views to all customers on Scale and Ent plans. 
🚨 What’s new?

  • :star2: New and optimised sharing window
  • :lock: Much requested view locking mechanism (roadmap, feature board) to protect views from accidental changes and deletion
  • No more 'free-for-all' on views. When the view is locked only the owner of the view can edit or delete the view.
  • The concept of view owner - each newly created view will have an owner assigned by default (this will allow us to do things like request access in the future)
  • Note: Admins retain the right to manage locked views (as long as they are shared)

 Learn more.

:man-shrugging: Why is this important?

  • Previously, when a view was shared with other makers, makers with access were able to update, hide or delete the view.
  • This led to frustration when other users relying on the view found out that the view was changed or missing. The problem was very prominent in large spaces (Scale, ENT) where it’s very hard to organise and find views.
  • View locking allows makers and admins to prevent accidental changes to important views.


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