Jira Workspaces & integration creation flow revamp

  • 8 February 2022
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we are all excited to announce a release of the Jira Workspaces and Revamped Jira Integration Creation Flow. 

🆕What’s new?

  • We introduced a new concept of Jira Workspaces. Jira Workspace represents a connection between Productboard Space (e.g. productboard.productboard.com) and Jira Instance. (productboard.atlasian.net)
  • Each Jira workspace has its own settings that can be accessed by clicking on the Manage button or from the Integrations detail. At the moment, we support group reauthorization in those settings. 
  • We also revamped the whole Jira Integration setup experience. Our customers can select a previous workspace and authorization to connect to. 

🤔 Why is it important?

  • We removed the need to chase Jira admin to create a new integration with the existing Jira workspaces. This saves you time so you can focus on building products that matter. 

  • Easier Jira Integration management - especially for larger spaces with many projects and sometimes multiple different Jira Instances. For example, you can now re-authorize all the integrations at once for each authorizer. 

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4 replies

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Hi @Jaroslav_Tran 


This is a much needed update and we are already starting to work on it. Are you able to help with the following questions:

We have an existing Jira integration mapped to multiple Productboard products and are planning on splitting this to now be one integration per Productboard product because they map to separate Jira Projects within the same Workspace.

  • How do we get the existing Productboard features to maintain the link to jira but reference the new task field created by the new integration?
  • How can you move releases into a new release Group?

Hello @Andrew Fragias, per your first question, we currently don’t have any official migration between various integrations, but it’s a valuable feedback.

I have one quick thought – whether this wouldn’t solve this situation for you at least partially:

Even if you don’t have integration A associated with product P, you can still display the column of the integration A on a Features Board about product P. You won’t be able to push new tickets, but you will still see the originally pushed/linked tickets. So theoretically if you have column with the original integration A and the new integration just next to each other, it could do the job.

I know it’s not ideal, but at least I wanted to try to suggest that… Have a great day!

- Ota, Engineering Manager, Delivery Integrations

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Hi @Andrew Fragias I reached out to the team and it is not possible to move releases from one group to the other. You would need to create a new release within the new group and re-assign features to the new release. They added that you can easily add them to a release in the new group by multi-selecting and bulk updating features and then removing them from their old release.

I hope this is helpful!

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Thanks @michelle.fifis and @Ota Hauptmann for the help. I ended up doing it manually with the ways suggested but was wondering if there was a more automated way but sounds like there isn’t