Jira: Support integration experience for users who are not Jira administrators

  • 1 March 2022
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we are now supporting a Jira-non admin Pb <> Jira integration experience. Our users can now integrate their Jira workspace with Productboard without a need to chase their Jira admin, so they can import their Jira backlogs to Productboard as soon as possible.

:new: What is new?
We are introducing a new way of authorizing Pb <> Jira integration via API Token (Jira Cloud) or Personal Access Token (Jira Server + Data center).

Before: You had only an option of using OAuth to authorize the integration, and for that, you needed to chase your Jira admin.

After: Now you have an option of authorizing the Pb <> Jira integration via API Token (Cloud version) or Personal Access Token (Jira server & data center). You do not need any involvement of the Jira admin to integrate your Productboard with Jira.

🤔 Why is it important?
We removed the need to chase Jira admin to create a first Pb <> Jira integration. This saves you time so you can focus on using the integration immediately and building products that matter.

:bangbang: Important
Using this authorization method via non-Jira admin permissions will not unlock all the Integration capabilities. You will be able to use one-time import and push from Pb to Jira, but 2-way sync or auto-import might not work depending on the authorizer’s permissions. 

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