Jira field mapper & sync enhancements

  • 6 December 2022
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We are delighted to announce that we’ve released an improved Productboard <> Jira Field Mapper. This feature is available on all plans.

👉  What is new?

In each Jira integration settings in the Field Mapper section, you can now:

  • Map custom fields and system fields such as Jira Assignee or Reporter
  • Choose to 2-way sync the fields or sync only once during pushing, linking, and import workflows
  • Sync the Productboard Timeframe fields with the Jira Date Fields
  • Sync the Productboard Tags with the Jira Labels or other compatible field
  • Restrict the PB <> Jira integration settings only to selected issue types 
  • See required fields in the Jira Field Mapper so you can map them and ensure that any Jira integration export (push) or import will work smoothly.

🔖 Read more:
Help Article
Loom demo


Jaroslav & the Integrations Team

5 replies

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thanks for the update. When will you support syncing sprints?

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Great update!


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Hello @Samkay 

You are welcome! Sync of sprints are not currently on our short-term plans because we don’t really have any entity on the Productboard side to match it to. 

The closest entity to the Jira sprints are Pb releases but the biggest challenge with the releases is that Pb releases are a global in Productboard but local (project based) in Jira. To my knowledge, this applies to sprints as well. This poses challenges in integrating these entities. 

We are currently running a discovery on the releases so if you are interested, I will DM you my calendly link to chat about this since releases and sprints in Jira are quite similar and we might identify some overlaps/shared solution.

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Hoy, hoy @Jaroslav_Tran. Thanks for the update + Loom video. This is a pretty awesome update for the integration. I’m loving the two-way synchronization vs one-time push on a per-field level, as that removes the barrier of forcing “all” of the data to synchronize (which isn’t ideal). 

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Are there any plans to enable syncing of Objectives to Jira as a custom field?

PB feature A in Objective X → Epic A has custom field value X