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  • 1 March 2022
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Hello Everyone :wave: 

We’ve just released Insights Automation on the Enterprise plan! 

:point_right: What is new?

  • There’s a new Insights Automations page in Settings where admin Makers can set up automation rules for the insights board.
  • These rules help you efficiently route and categorise feedback by enabling you to auto-assign owners and auto-tag notes based on the titlecontenttags and source of the given note.
  • The rules are applied to all new notes created after setting up a certain rule - historical notes will not be affected.
  • The rules run against notes coming in from integrations (manually created notes are not supported at this stage).

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Why is it valuable?

  • With larger volumes of feedback teams may struggle with the burden of manually routing notes to the relevant audience. Insights Automation will help you cut back on the steps involved so instead of triaging you can focus on learning from your notes.

:books: Learn more
You can find more details in our article on how to use insights automation!


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