Gainsight CS & Productboard integration - built by Gainsight

  • 24 January 2023
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Hello everyone 👋

We’re excited to announce the new integration between Gainsight CS & Productboard! This first of its kind, two-way integration closes the feedback loop between customer success and product teams. 

With this integration, Customer Success teams can send their customer’s product feedback directly into Productboard and track their customer product requests throughout the entire lifecycle, without leaving Gainsight CS.

What can this integration unlock for organizations that use Productboard & Gainsight CS?

Focus product priorities by delivering on customer needs 

  • Enable CSMs to capture and share the voice of the customer with product teams

  • Enable PMs to use customer feedback to improve prioritization and roadmap planning

  • Keep CSMs updated on the status of features requested by each customer, so they can keep customers “in the know”

  • Expand customer advocacy through loyalty gains

  • Drive durable growth through improved retention rates

Efficiency in every interaction

  • Automation removes the need for CSMs to manually communicate product requests to PMs across various tools

  • Allow CSMs to track the status of features, without asking PMs for regular updates 

  • Visibility gains for CSMs to provide real-time updates on the status of product requests through a transparency that builds trust

Improve collaboration between your CS and product teams

  • A seamless workflow for CS to share customer feedback with PMs helps product teams prioritize the right features that will solve real customer needs and drive growth for the organization

By creating a closed-loop customer feedback program, customers feel heard and have their loyalty rewarded. This orchestrated effort across functions creates unparalleled customer experiences, resulting in higher retention rates along with greater advocates to power your organization’s growth.

Learn more about the integration and how to enable it.

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