Feature description templates (Labs)

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🚀We’ve just released Templates for Feature Descriptions to Labs. This allows you to create, edit and delete templates.


🚨What’s new?

  • When you open a new feature, you can click "choose from template" to start creating a new template
  • Once you have created a template you can click on "choose from template" again so you can select, edit or delete a template.


💪Why is it important?

  • You will save time as you do not have to repeat the same task again and again
  • You can have consistent feature descriptions across the organisation to make it easier to prioritise and compare different features


📈 What’s next?

  • We want to hear your feedback on this feature so we can decide what to improve before we release this to general availability. We're thinking about templates specific to individuals or teams and templates with multimedia content


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Our team was HYPE about this new feature release. For roadmap planning, we use the same standardized summary templates for all features that we were previously copy and pasting. A direct quote from a PM: 


That being said, it would be an amazing fast follow for our team if we could also apply templates to the incoming insights/portal. This would help the submissions be more standardized and capture the information we really care about when making decisions. 

Additionally, for pure management purposes it would be nice if there was a way to access the list of templates outside of an empty feature space. I would imagine this would appear in the space’s settings somewhere to add/edit/delete. 


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Really like this feature -
but...need a more accessible way to edit templates once created. Feels like it should be somewhere in the custom fields or workspace settings. At the moment it’s strange to have to fake a new feature in order to get to the list of templates.


Amazing feature!

I double down on previous comments :

“ it would be an amazing fast follow for our team if we could also apply templates to the incoming insights/portal”

“need a more accessible way to edit templates once created”

Super handy feature to save time! Great stuff. 

I’ll echo similar feedback: 

  • Ability to create templates to standardize customer feedback on Portal/Insights.
  • Easy way to access templates
  • Manage permissions for different templates (public vs private) 



This is a great feature. Having it on insights would be 100 times better.
It’s relatively easy to educate makers in how we like to write our features. After all this is a main part of their job and they should have the correct focus. Still we have had a template to copy and paste until now.
It’s A LOT harder to ensure that the rest of the organization remember how to write and what to include when they enter insights. It’s a lot more people with diverse focus areas and some might do this only on rare occasions.
Looking forward to that feature as well :wink:

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I really like this feature, but like others have said having to have a blank description to be able to apply the template is a bit of a frustration, especially if you already have some text you wish to keep in the description, having to copy this out and then re-apply it after applying the template is applied is cumbersome.

One thing I have noticed is even if you have a single blank line applied to the description the option for the templates is not available so you have to delete everything and then come out of the feature and then go back into it. Although this seems to vary in success, if I put text into a Product description and then delete it, going back in does not give me access to the templates again. If I have a blank Product Description the templates option is available.


Actually after a bit of testing, if I add blank spaces or carriage returns to the Product description field, the ability to apply a template is removed from every product, feature or component until I come out of the feature board and go back into it. i,e, click on the insights board and then go back to the feature board.

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Thanks for the continued feedback everyone. I’ve shared your thoughts with our product team @cj.avande @Andy @fanny @Jakop @darren.smith 


Love the feature, but seeing some weirdness
When I create a tempalate, if i have “<” or “>” things get mangled on save> and removes some of the text.

I would love to be able to set a default template to always be inserted (but allow an overide to replace with another template)


Example of issue below

What I enter


what I get in the feature


When editing the saved template


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Thanks @Chuck Blevins a bit of weirdness is always possible with a feature in Labs -- we have it there so we can learn and make improvements and tweaks before it goes to full release. I’ve shared your feedback with the team and great to hear this is proving valuable.


This is a great feature! I’m always a little inconsistent with descriptions depending on the stage of thinking we’re at with features so I’m stoked to have this!