Embed external content in the Editor & Portal Cards! (supported apps only)

  • 2 March 2023
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Hi Product Makers!

👉 I’m excited to announce that the ability to Embed external content in Productboard Editor is now LIVE! 💫 This is available for our Pro, Scale, and Enterprise customers. 


What's new?

You can embed live content from supported apps into the Productboard Editor. That’s right! It works in Feature Descriptions, Roadmap Objectives, Notes Editor, or Portal Cards


🔌 Supported apps? 

  • Figma & FigJam
  • Miro
  • Mural
  • Loom
  • YouTube


🔨 How does it work?

Get an embeddable URL from the app of your choice, paste it in the Editor text field, and voila! 💥  

Want to get a closer look? Expand the Editor view to zoom, move through content, etc.!


📚 Learn more

Help Center article

2 replies

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Interesting, I shall have to have a play around. How does this work alongside the Jira integration (will the content embedded in productboard also show in Jira or will it simply be a link?)


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@Parveen Downer it will be a link.