Custom field swimlanes on feature time based roadmaps

  • 1 December 2021
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Hello  👋  We've just released Custom Filed swimlanes for feature time-based roadmaps.


⭐️ What’s new?

  • Use any existing custom dropdown fields as swimlanes on feature time-based roadmaps
  • Create new custom field swimlanes straight from the roadmap.

🙌 Why is this valuable?

Custom field swimlanes help tailor roadmap views by pivoting on existing data fields. It brings more flexibility with less effort. You can use custom field swimlanes to represent new categories like themes, product areas, tribes, feature type etc...


Available on the Pro, Scale & Enterprise plans.


📚Learn more:  How to use swimlanes to organize your roadmaps



3 replies

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Wonderful @Geda! Thanks for sharing with the community


Thanks. This is really useful :)
Being able to use member fields would also be really helpful for communication within the company. In our case we could create a roadmap sorted per PM, making it easy for colleagues to know which PM is responsible for what. Or based on UX designer, helping the design department plan their work. 


@Geda Love using custom fields in swimlanes!

Is there any way to make the swimlanes bigger? I’m using it for goals and the text is getting cut off.