Color code objectives by themes

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Heey! 👋 I’m excited to share that you can now color code Objectives by themes on your roadmaps 🌈


 👉What is new?

  • You can now create custom themes to categorize your objectives.
  • You can choose to show the objective color by theme or by status on the roadmap views.

🙌Why is this valuable?
Themes can be used to communicate which objective supports the same goals, relate to the same product, or some other organizing principle to align the organization and get executive buy-in on your plan.


How to color code your objectives by theme

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I recently discovered that one of my PM’s is color blind & the status colors are difficult for him to discern without clicking into the feature.  Is there a way to also assign a pattern to the statuses?

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Is there a way to also assign a pattern to the statuses?


Custom colors could also work and would probably be easier to implement. And, selfishly, that would have the side benefit of appealing to users like me who have other issues with Pb’s default colors.