Calculated progress tracking on features

  • 21 March 2022
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Hi product makers 👋,

We have released calculated feature progress tracking on roadmaps!


👉 What’s new?

  • You can now visualize progress on roadmaps by toggling it on in the roadmap settings
  • Progress is calculated from the status of features and subfeatures
  • We’ve added functionality in the settings where you can select which statuses you want to count towards completion 

💪 Why is it valuable?

  • PMs can effectively communicate progress on features with a wide audience and the progress is visualized on roadmaps
  • The calculation logic makes it easier for makers because the status is calculated automatically from the status of the features and subfeatures
  • With this feature, we also bring value to product leaders, who can track the progress of initiatives that are important to them

🔜 What is next?

  • We are currently working on a progress tracking calculation for objectives and releases
  • To enable flexibility for our customers, we also want to introduce manual progress tracking on all three entities (features, objectives, and releases)

📚 Here is our Help Centre article


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3 replies

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this is awesome!

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The progress line above the roadmap items is 🔥

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Can’t wait for the objective progress tracking