Automate Productboard Feature Status Updates from Jira

  • 25 May 2022
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We are delighted to announce that we’ve released Productboard <> Jira Status Automation. This feature is available on all the plans. 

👉 What is new?

  • In each Jira integration, you can set up rule-based automation, which will change the Productboard status based on the changes in the Jira statuses.
  • Therefore, once the Pb feature is connected with the Jira issue, its status will change based on the status changes in Jira defined by the rule.

🤔 Why should you care?

  • Save your time by automating a frequent manual task
  • Decrease the chance of misalignment about the current delivery status of your features
  • Automate the Calculated Progress Tracking Based on Statuses (Help article)

📚 Learn more
Help article
Loom: How I set it up for my team and project

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6 replies

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yassss!!! this is awesome 

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This is really great, but a bummer that it isn’t bi-directional. Is an update expected for changes in status on the Pb side to automatically change the JIRA status?

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@cfelation i dont know about 2-way. I see eng delivery in JIRA as part of product cycle. So i would want jira to trigger PB status changes but not the other way around. But that’s just me

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Agreed for the majority of use cases, during delivery, the content will be managed in JIRA. We do push to JIRA as the epic is in discovery and being prioritized (i.e. when a feature/epic moves from Backlog → Discovery → Build Planned), which typically is managed for us by the PM in PB. In the current state, it is possible for the two systems to be out of sync.

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This is so cool finally removing the manual need to update features as well as Jira tickets

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Hello everyone, 

thank you for your feedback and excitement! I will pass it to the team. They will be really happy to hear your feedback. 

@cfelation , as @Samkay  pointed out, we did not see much demand for making it 2-way exactly for that exact reason - PMs rarely update Delivery Status from Pb as they are not the closest ones to the Delivery.

The workflow that we usually see is that our customers “push” prioritized features to Jira to implement them. Once they are “pushed”, the dev. team takes over and owns the delivery status until it is release-ready. Then usually PM or someone from Go to market (GTM) team takes over again to take care of the release messaging, marketing campaigns and other GTM activities etc.