Aggregated Company field, a new way of prioritization in Productboard

  • 3 August 2022
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Hey Product Makers,

We are happy to announce that we released Aggregated Company field. The feature is available on Scale and Enterprise plans.

You can prioritize your features based on ARR or other attributes that are tied to the companies that provide feedback on a specific feature. Available in GA for Scale and Enterprise.


Aggregated Company field is based on a numeric custom field of your imported companies. It aggregates that numeric value per feature for those companies that are submitted a note to request that feature and that note was linked to it.

The aggregated company field values can be used to understand for example the revenue impact of your ideas (aggregated ARR, ACV, etc.) and help you with the prioritization. Since you can use it with any numeric custom fields of the companies you can customize this value to your use case as well.


 🆕 What is new?

  • On the Features Board Misc sidebar, you can toggle on the aggregated company fields and see them as columns on the Features board
  • Sort or filter your features by this aggregated company field to help you in prioritization


🎥 Short demo video of the feature…

📕 Learn more in the Help Center article

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5 replies

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@Linda You guys rock this is something I had asked for a couple months ago and I have already added it to my feature board. This is so valuable to any PM

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Is there any way to get the aggregates in combination w/ the customer segments?


Would it be possible to see the aggregated number on the roadmap view as well please? Would be nice to have below the number of concerned companies, the MRR as well. 




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@susanshev if you have an aggregate column on a features board view and you apply a filter on it, then the aggregate is filtered to that segment. You can use this in combination with the Segmentation feature.


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@Mathias thanks for the feedback, I submitted it as a feature request!