Inspired: Week 1 discussion

  • 18 June 2022
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Hi everyone,

Hope you’ve gotten your copy of Marty Cagan’s Inspired and are already started with the book and have made your way through the first five chapters 📕

Below is our first discussion prompt. You can expect to see one of these posted each week and we’d love to hear your thoughts and get some conversations going. We’re going to use a few of our own as well as some from Justin Meets' who put together a fun book club template for the book.

Here’s our first conversation opener about Chapters 1-5:

  • What stage of a company are you currently working in? What do you enjoy about working with a company at this stage? What are the challenges?
  • Were any ideas in Chapters 1-5 particularly helpful or enlightening?

Look forward to hearing your thoughts!


As we roll into the summer, it’s also a good time to get inspired (oh the puns!) and register for Marty Cagan’s upcoming event this July here at Productboard

7 replies


I’m really enjoying the book so far! We are most definitely in the growth stage. Reading that chapter was absolutely an “a-ha!” moment!

I was hired at the very end of the startup phase so it’s been exciting to see the company grow exponentially. My favorite part is being in a position to actually have an impact in the success of the company.

The most challenging thing is the folks who refuse to get out of the start-up mindset - especially when they are top decision makers. And, maybe not necessarily exclusive to the growth phase, but those who like to say “that’s stupid” instead of giving constructive feedback.

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Thanks for sharing @JennCarvin. The Growth stage is definitely a fun and challenging one and also a huge validation of the work to get to product-market fit. I’ve often found that focussing on the outcomes and goals and empowering others to find their best way to those outcomes is critical here, definitely not a place for “that’s stupid” and more for “let’s try this and see what the outcome is”>


Hi friends!

I’ve just started a new product job, and I’m still figuring out my new company. In some ways we are enterprise: massive scale of customers, market leader in our niche. In other ways we are in growth stage: only three product teams, really minimal process and documentation.

The good part is that everyone is super helpful and open to me asking questions, the challenge is that I have to figure out who and what questions to ask! 😅


This bit from chapter 5 really resonated with me, I think it may fit the situation with my team / product area:

When [the company] achieves enterprise stage, however, the company has largely achieved that original vision and now people aren’t sure what’s next.

I guess that’s why they hired a new product person! 😅

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@MikeClayBC interesting 🧐 And hope the new gig goes swimmingly! Likely too early to say what you don’t like, but sounds like you like, or are ok with, embracing the ambiguity and the opportunity to put some shape around things and drive value. Does that sound right?


An old boss (Gagan) told me once about hiring:

We need a PM who thrives in ambiguity

Still resonates with me years later. Have to embrace the uncertainty!


Great book, lots of valuable insights even the second time around.

My current company is just transitioning from the product- market fit phase into the growth phase now. We are having some planning challenges around what growth looks like for our company, since we are all still in the product-market fit mindset.

I think we are already trying to achieve product-market fit in tangential offerings, instead of focusing on growth. We know something feels not quite right, so we are working on that. It is a learning process for all of us, and this book helps put it in perspective.

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Nice to hear you’re getting value from the re-read @Shane. What are some of those challenges you’re seeing at this transition?