Your challenge: Improve your continuous awareness campaign

  • 24 November 2021
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Throughout the week, we've been exploring the Product Strategy Playbook, which you can download here

Chapter 3 shares the importance of a continuous awareness campaign that keeps your product strategy top-of-mind within your organization.

"The key to success is to think of your strategy as a marketing campaign. Just as you can't run a single ad and expect customers to remember your product a month later, you need a continuous awareness campaign that keeps your product strategy top-of-mind."

The Playbook goes into more detail, but your awareness campaign should focus on three things:

  1. Understanding your audience - helping your product team and the rest of the organization understand how their day-to-day actions positively affect the product's success is key to achieving your objectives and creating an engaged team. 
  2. Over-communication - every chat or conversation you have with your team should reference your plans for the product—tip: use Productboard's flexible roadmaps to efficiently share your roadmaps with various people within your organization.
  3. Top-down support - As stated in the Playbook, "alignment starts from the top." Therefore, when a product strategy is important to leadership, others will see the value in it as well. Tip: Appoint executive sponsors for each objective.

Your challenge: Think of one new way to improve your current product strategy awareness campaign over the next week. Please share your action item below, and we'll get in touch next week to see how things are going!

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