Which speaker at Growing Strong Product Makers are you most interested in seeing?

  • 15 September 2021
  • 4 replies

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Planning to attend our upcoming mini-conference Growing Strong Product Makers?

We have some great speakers lined up for you sharing valuable product learnings and information. Take a moment to share your thoughts on the poll below:

Which speaker are you most interested in seeing?

4 replies

All of these look so exciting! Can’t wait :D 

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I voted for Eileen Wang - I’m curious to hear some suggestions around nurturing other product makers across partnerships. Of course, the whole line-up seems pretty awesome. Cognitive Bias, Soft Skills, Growth.. all very powerful topics for any Product Maker. :sunglasses:

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I voted for Matt LeMay - defensiveness tendencies are not foreign to me…

Note that I am also looking forward to Moe Ali's presentation, but he is missing in the list.

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Thanks for sharing @PeterD! Matt will be great (his book Product Management in Practice is a fave of mine!

And good eye. Moe was a late add to the event after this poll went up and I couldn’t change the poll once published.