What would you say makes a product team customer-centric?

  • 20 September 2021
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Everyone has a perception that they are customer-centric, but what do you think truly defines a customer-centric product team? What behaviours, habits, processes, and things happen that set really great teams apart from others?

I’m reminded of Teresa Torres’ point on Continuous Discovery from her book:

At a minimum weekly touchpoints with customers
By the team building the product
Where they conduct small research activities
In pursuit of the desired outcome

Anything else come to mind?

2 replies

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We collaborate with our operations team to coordinate monthly check points as part of our innovation lab. Customers react well to this because they get an update on status of our roadmap, but also we present to them upcoming opportunities for engagement on user interviews, testing, pilots etc. In addition, we have a customer advisory board who meets multiple times per year. This board has representation of our top customers and product has become part of the agenda.

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That’s great @MichelleMcbride! Nicely done. For sure habits like monthly checkpoints to share the roadmap and discuss upcoming opportunities for engagement are great and give customers both visibility and some predictability as well. Having a CAB is good too as a way to engage and help provide input on product direction. Are there any particular behaviours you’ve seen in your team over others you’ve worked with that help them be more customer-centric?