Reforge and On Deck experiences?

  • 23 November 2021
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Hello fellow Product people,

I’m looking to take some form of “baseline” training in Product Management. I know, you can learn a lot from books, blogs, podcasts, … But I feel the need to have a proper foundations training from someone experienced in the field. 

I asked a senior PM in my LinkedIn connections, and he referred me to Reforge and On Deck as the go-to training resources in Product Management. Do some of you have any experience with one of both? Or other “Product Schools” I should look into? 

For the record: I’m not looking for a fancy LinkedIn Certificate, I just want to do a better job and feel confident about it! 

Thanks for any insights on this. 

3 replies

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Hi Niels,

First, product management training can be helpful in speeding up your general understanding of the product practice, but it’s not a guarantee of anything. There are many programs out there and a lot of them pitch the idea of “becoming a PM” or “levelling up”. In a lot of cases the industry doesn’t care about these certifications, so it’s good you’re coming in with a mindset of wanting to do a better job and feel confident.

Second, some of these are re-packaging machines. You can often get the same content online, but it just hasn’t been packaged up. Much like a good book can communicate a number of concepts together, online courses can do the same and provide an immersive experience, but quality can vary.

Reforge’s training is industry-led. The reason it often attracts PMs is that it’s taught by a stellar cast of product leaders and tends to have high-quality content. I have a number of friends that have taken the Reforge training programs. On Deck brings in content from various folks as well, but I don’t have much I can share on their coursework quality.

Another path to consider would be a product coach, who can work alongside you and/or your team, to help level you up. Folks like Petra Wille who we had speak at our recent event are a good example. Happy to provide you with some Europe-based suggestions there if you want.

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Hey @scott.baldwin , thanks for your insights! 

I would appreciate any EU based suggestions to a coach.
Maybe a training ànd a coach would be ideal 😀 $$

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Anytime @Niels Vynckier,

Here’s some folks that I know of in EMEA: