Recap: Putting the messenger back into the message

  • 14 January 2022
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Recap: Putting the messenger back into the message
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During @EthanBeute's inspiring event on January 12, 2022, he shared how to restore a more personal and human touch to the communications you rely on to be successful. 

Key takeaways:

  • We currently face several communication challenges:

    • We must sell and serve virtually.

    • Online environments are polluted.

    • Digital communication is impoverished.

    • Customer and employee expectations are heightened.

  • Every message is training people, and the machines tracking their behavior, to engage with you in the future. Want to make sure people read your messages in the future? Regard every single message as an opportunity to provide value. 

  • Instead of focusing on your ROI, begin to focus on the ROTA, the return of other people's time and attention. If you don't want to be ignored, you need to value people's time and attention and demonstrate warmth and confidence.

  • We build trust when human-centered design blends with digital communication. For example, instead of asking, "why didn't they open my email?" we should ask, "why would they open my email?" 

  • Three times to use video communication:

    • When creating a personal connection, especially when it is a first touch, such as a welcome or recruiting.

    • When trying to convey emotion and tone, either positive or negative. 

    • When trying to communicate details or something complex. Screen records can be helpful in this case.

I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences with video communication. Have you found success with this technique in the past? How might you like to use video communication in the future?


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