Recap: Product Roundtable - January 2022 edition

  • 13 January 2022
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Sharing some notes from our January Product Leaders Roundtable event that happened yesterday in the Product Makers community.

We’ll be posting these after each event to share a bit about what was discussed (without giving away specific details or confidential information).

Topic 1 - How to build a good relationship with engineering counterparts

  • Ask them what good looks like

  • Understand their job and the work they do

  • Engineering Managers are often accountable for the satisfaction and execution/productivity of engineers, resource allocation, technical and feasibility

  • Understand their role in the product team, influence, concerns and perspectives

Topic 2 - Using Productboard for problem/information gathering vs. features

  • Leverage the Productboard portal as way to capture feedback - for many teams upwards of 80% of feedback comes from here and being transparent helps

  • Integrate insights from wherever they come from, tag, leverage collections

  • Encourage everyone to share feedback and “send it to Productboard”

  • Use user impact score as a guide to the problems that need to be solved, append to whatever entity is best (component, feature), then dive deeper to uncover who it’s important for and why

  • Don’t get caught up in feeling you need to create “features” for every insight, sometimes you can just add these to a larger bucket and see what emerges over time. Feature can be a loaded word – consider a clear definition - feature expresses a value exchange or solution to a problem. E.g. 2FA not a feature, it’s a need.

Topic 3 - How best to source training data for an AI product

  • Scale of content is critical to success when training an engine. Handwritten data, calls, discovery, other communities, and other organizations could be sources in proxy when there is low amounts of data available

  • Customer interviews can be a source of those questions, could then feed into your tools/engine

Topic 4 - How does a Product Owner differ from a Product Manager?

  • Not uncommon to see this being the same role -  company size can cause people to do both roles.

  • Product Owner - focused on team, executes, agency to change priorities in the context of the sprint, efficient development

  • Product Manager - where you’re going and prioritizing what to build next

  • Read: 

  • Relationship between the two is important when both roles exist

  • The definition varies, but ultimately is a Scrum role

Topic 5 - How to go to market with a new product category

Editor note: we didn’t have a lot of time left to discuss this topic, so notes are sparse)

  • Nascent category and product can be super challenging

  • Look at competitors that may already be touching part of this - will still be evaluated in context of those, think in slices

Interested in participating in a roundtable? Keep an eye out for our February event posting and come join us.

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And many thanks to @Andrew Fragias @ddonat and @Courtney.Kisner for making it out and working with @michelle.fifis and I on this first event. Sorry you couldn’t make it out @Ebunoluwa Olawole and @ImadAbbas (maybe next time) 🤷‍♂️