Product Management for an ERP system

  • 19 August 2021
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Hi everyone,

I’m relatively new to Product Management and have never worked with an ERP system before. The company I currently work for is transitioning to an ERP system over the next 2/3 years. I was wondering if there is anyone can tell me if there’s a difference between product management for software you build from the ground up or product management for an ERP system.

My assumption is that I might be restricted to working with the building blocks available to us within that ERP. I can understand how that could help standardise things and reduce cost, but am a little afraid that it might not be as much fun. Mainly I fear that it could take away the creative edge to problem solving.

Anyone with experience who could enlighten me if I’m wrong or not? :)

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What differences do you imagine there would be? Where is your primary area of concern?


@gavin I’m afraid that I will be limited in the solutions to develop to solve our problems. My main reason for this concern is that (I believe) an ERP usually has pre-defined building blocks already which you could choose from, rather than developing one yourself.

My concern with that is that I won’t be challenged as much or able to have as much impact (because I can imagine that being able to solve problems freely, also enables me to solve multiple problems through 1 solution or better solve these problems which are specific to our business).

Do you have any experience with solving problems as a PM through an ERP solution?

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Every role has constraints. Time, resources, technology stack, tech debt etc.

While I don’t have any experience in your exact situation, developing a command of the tools and resources that are available to you is valuable. You’re likely going to find that you have more possible solutions than it initially seemed. Maybe you can find imaginative ways to utilize the tools at your disposal, and convince others to develop something additional to augment the system. The way you’ve phased your questions seem as if you’re making a lot of assumptions before getting deep into the problems and tools. Give it time and learn the facts. 

It’s also possible that this role isn’t a match for your personal goals and interests. Only you can answer that question.


Thanks for your reply once again @gavin :)

You are right, I am indeed making a lot of assumptions. Honestly, I might be 100% wrong and Product Management might be no different for an ERP solution. 

Since we are committing to an ERP solution and will spend the coming few years transitioning however, I was hoping to gain more insights through people in this forum. 

From what I’ve found on the internet so far, either I am worrying about nothing or there is unfortunately just simply not a lot to find on this topic yet. :nerd: