Product Excellence Summit - Day 1

  • 26 October 2021
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Product Excellence Summit - Day 1
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Thanks for joining us for Day 1 of our Product Excellence Summit. We hope you were able to take in the various sessions over the day and had a fantastic time on the first day of our two-day event! 

It was a busy day filled with lots of learning and we heard from some great product leaders about how they are building customer-driven products, transforming their organizations, and accelerating the pace of product innovation in their organizations.

Here’s a recap of the day’s sessions:

The State of Product Management in 2021 with Hubert Palan

Hubert kicked things off with his keynote and shared insights into how the digital revolution has dramatically accelerated growth, the demand for the “right” talent, and what organizations need to do in order to be successful. It starts with a foundation of Product Excellence (Vision, Strategy, and Execution) and builds on that with customer-centricity, cross-collaboration, and a rigorous process. Together these help you get the right products to market faster.

CEO Panel: How to Work with a Product-Centric CEO with Dylan Field, Spenser Skates, Edith Harbaugh, and Hubert Palan

Leaders from Figma, LaunchDarkly, and Amplitude shared stories about their growth and scale and how best product teams can work effectively with a product-centric CEO. We heard the importance of a strong point-of-view and vision for the product’s direction, alignment on desired outcomes, a good fit on both sides between the product leader and CEO, and a passion for the product and the customer. In many cases, some of their best people came from passionate customers who worked well collaboratively with others. Clarity of vision, empowerment, spending time with customers and iterating with them, and continually gathering feedback are all keys to success. It’s a great time to be in product!

Customer-Centricity Lessons with Netflix with Gibson Biddle and Sophie Lalonde

Gibson shared the story of how Netflix engaged their customers using a customer-centric approach to product development focused on delighting customers in hard to copy and margin-enhancing ways. Using experiments, evaluating the impact before implementing changes, and a culture of continuous listening and learning grounded in strategy, tactics and metrics. Right-sizing their content and plans to literally dominate the streaming content landscape. And if you didn’t, feel free to share your NPS for Gib’s talk.

Panel: Structuring Scaling Product Teams to Prevent Silos with Georgie Smallwood, Varun Parmar, Laura Marino, and Srinivas Krishnamurti

This panel shared stories from their fast-growing organizations, how they’ve structured their teams for success, and the importance of looking forward to where you’re going, not just where you are at. And building with a focus on a light structure, ability to change and adjust course, flexible outcomes, and a foundation of empowerment so teams can move quickly on behalf of the customer and deliver value for them and for the business.

Panel: Building Best-In-Class Relationships with Customer-Facing Teams with Agata Bugaj, Anique Drumright, and Arnita Curtis

I got a chance to speak with Agata, Anique, and Arnita about their experiences and how they work best with their customer-facing team members and stakeholders. The key is building a foundation of strong relationships, investing the time in regular and meaningful interactions and conversations, and incorporating both qualitative and quantitative data to help inform what’s best to meet and address your target market’s needs.

Panel: Real-World Stories: Best Practices on Delivering Innovation + Product Excellence in Your Team with Ronak Patel, Will Carey, and Layla Selick

We learned how the product development process has changed how organizations go through digital transformations and how they’ve moved from individual POCs to the creation of specific products that truly solve customer problems and needs, bridge organizational silos, result in real solutions that get to market quickly. It starts by giving internal teams and customers a way to readily share feedback, having a centralized place to collect that input, and using them to drive product change.

Panel: Building Customer-centric Products, Processes, and Cultures with Mike Belisto, Rachel Obstler, and Marty Duffy

We dove into what customer-centricity is and the value being customer-centric provides product organizations. Keeping end-user in mind, knowing who your customers are and what they are trying to do, creating a culture that engages at every touchpoint, and regularly talking with your customers is key to building products that truly transform. A great takeaway from Marty at the end of the session — “How will this help our customers succeed”.

Lightning in a Bottle: the People, Strategy, and Execution to Deliver Great Products with Oji Udezue

Oji shared his thoughts on the importance of teams and taking a systems-based and product-like approach to how organizations execute. Without these systems, teams and organizations will fail and lose the magic and repeatable way to produce amazing things. It starts with a combination of frameworks, processes, and tools that help teams achieve impacts regularly and frequently. Three systems to think about — people, direction setting and strategy, and execution. In the end, “product systems are the organization’s floor of excellence”

🎥Recordings will be available in the days ahead on our Summit site.

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Being in Aus the timezones are a bit funky so I am super keen to see all the videos! Woohoo!

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They’ll be up shortly @ashivory, hang tight!

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Recordings are live and available here: