How the “Learning Menu” concept can help develop your product team

  • 15 November 2021
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Hi there! You won’t want to miss Wednesday’s live event with Petra Wille. She’s an expert in  product leadership and will be helping us to explore how to become stronger coaches and leaders. 

In anticipation of Petra’s presentation on Wednesday, I spent some time exploring the valuable blog posts she provides on her website.

In “How the “Learning Menu” Concept Can Help Develop Your Product Team,” Petra provides the “learning menu” as a visual guide to exploring how product leaders can more strategically offer learning opportunities to their team.

The concept Petra lays out is this: learning opportunities at the bottom of the menu are free, self-directed resources such as books and podcasts. Learning opportunities at the top of the menu are more personalized, and expensive. A key example here is one-on-one coaching.

From Petra’s post: Thinking about development opportunities as a “Learning Menu” means you can include a wider range of learning resources that are more scalable and adaptable to individual needs.

Petra shares that it often makes the most sense for product leaders to encourage team members to start at the bottom of the pyramid and work their way up as they gain valuable foundational knowledge.

 “When leaders push their team members to activities at the top of the pyramid too quickly, they risk making a limited impact. Training, for example, is often a one-off event that’s disconnected from day-to-day work. And coaching is generally best reserved for people who have already spent time learning and practicing on their own. And, as I mentioned earlier, if you jump to the top of the pyramid too quickly, you’re also depriving your team of taking responsibility for their development and deciding the areas where they’d most like to focus.”

As we explore coaching and leadership this week within the Product Makers community, consider the learning opportunities available to your team.

What learning opportunities have had the most profound impact on your career?

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