How do you do group product management

  • 26 December 2021
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Dear product community,

I have recently joined as a group product manager at a company. My head of product first question was - how would you do group product manager?

I was not able to give a concise and convincing answer. What do other product managers think?


looking forward to your response.




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Hi @Ash , welcome to the community 👋

There’s no standard definition of what it means to be a group PM. Depending on the org, it can be about:

  • Managing a portfolio of products, or a larger chunk of a platform
  • Managing a product’s GTM for a specific industry/geography/segment
  • Managing PMs

Or any combination of the above.


So in order to better be of assistance, could you describe a bit more

  1. What are the goals and expectations your head of product has defined for your role?
  2. What are the head of product’s personal goals? (Might be daunting to ask about this if you’re new in the org and in certain cultures it’s less strait-forward. But if there’s any room to talk about this, do your best to uncover these! Good leaders will answer you honestly. Great leaders will communicate their goals pro-actively at any occasion.)
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@pstrouven_pxc landed a pretty solid answer, with follow-up questions that should help identify what would be expected of you as a Group Product Manager. It is a pretty ambiguous question (as with all high-level questions in product management): “How would you do your role?” At this point, since you’re hired, there should be some reference in your role definition (harking back to the question that was asked above). 

One thing I’ve encountered throughout many interviews is that a Group Product Manager is basically a role that primarily focuses on people management and identifying how best to group areas of a product together - it encourages a “managerial” touch, a bit more than most product roles. But, once again, as all companies/organizations have their own structure and process - always look back at what the role you applied for suggested were your responsibilities. 

I second @pstrouven_pxc’s suggestion to identify what the Head of Product’s goals for themself, the product/product lines, and the organization as a whole. It should help you develop a sense of clarity as to what’s expected of you, how you can align goals (or, in the least, “criss-cross” so both your and their goals are met), and so forth.