How are you growing strong product makers in your organization?

  • 14 September 2021
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With our forthcoming event — Growing Strong Product Makers — we’d like to hear your voices. 

What are your stories about how you’re growing strong product makers in your organization. What’s working and finding success? What’s not or where are you struggling?

Share you thoughts and comments below for a chance to win some fun prizes leading up to our event on September 22-24.👇

2 replies


The beauty of Product Management is that you never stop learning. One should always be staying on top of new techniques,  new methods, new technologies. In addition to keeping up with the latest trends, it is also key to always refine and improve skills to be an effective product leader. For my team, career growth is a key focus. I empower my team by ensuring they are received constant coaching and feedback in areas such as:

1.  Oral and Written Communication

2.  Customer Engagement/ Discovery opportunities 

3.  Stakeholders management and alignment 

4. Prioritization techniques, and the art of saying no

5.  Product adoption and maturity

6. Backlog mananagement

7. Understanding voice of customer  

We meet often to ensure they are happy with their job, that they feel passionate about their products and ensure they get the support and coaching they need from me.

We attend at least 2 product webinars at least per month to ensure we stay in tune with the industry, as a team every 2 weeks we meet for continuing education, we also started a monthly book circle where together we choose a book and chat about how it can apply to our team.


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Wow! That’s fantastic @MichelleMcbride - your team sounds really well supported and it’s great to see you investing in their growth. 👏 Nicely done  

Love the idea of attending webinars and events together and the idea of a book circle 📚 

Hope you and others from the team make it out next week for our mini conference too.

Thanks for sharing!