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  • 30 August 2021
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For ProductBoard users: By chance is anyone in the GitHub issues beta? If so, I’d be thrilled if you reached out to share how it is going! I’m on the wait list.


For ProductBoard team: can you provide any insight regarding whether this expanded functionality will influence the existing integration with GitHub?



3 replies

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Hello @melora.cybul 

at the moment this expanded functionality will not influence the existing Pb <> GitHub integration. If you are already using it, can you please elaborate on the potential use case(s) so I can add your feedback to Productboard? From a brief glance, this looks like GitHub’s entrance into an issue tracking space so I see similar use cases to those of Jira integration (pushing, field synchronization, etc.)

Jaroslav & The Team


I think I recently added some feedback on the Portal for the existing integration. We’re currently looking into our tooling/processes (post-merger) and trying to determine the extent to which we leverage ProductBoard in conjunction with GitHub/other systems.


Is there a must-watch ProductBoard/Jira demo so I can understand the nature of the current pathways to an issue tracking system from ProductBoard?

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Hello @melora.cybul 

You can explore our Pb <> Jira integration
1. Documentation
2. Website
3, Try it In-App in the Integrations Settings. 

All the best.